'The NAKED human' by Line Taarnberg, Barry Pringle, Esben Fogh, Lotte Kjøller & Olav Johannisson

date - 8. April to 29. April

vernissage - 8. April 15:00 to 17:00

finissage - 27. April 15:00

The theme of the Exhibition "The NAKED human" presents 7 artists' visions of the human body from their personal interpretations and beliefs.

The human body has throughout history been portrayed in art from our many different global cultures and religions, from ancient china, india, americas to all world cultures.

In our western world roots from the ancient egyptian and greek art, like the Venus of Willendorf, to our Christianity beliefs of Jesus, though own scientific knowledge from the ancient greek, to the renaissance like Leonardo Da Vinci's studies of the human body, and to todays scientific and religious knowledge, the time changing keeps goes on.

Through the times the human nude has been admired, created lust, shame, indignation and horror. It has in some cases been sacred or an object, and our notions of what is beautiful and ugly, is often based on the human nudity. Especially today with Snapchat, Facebook and selfies, the nude human figure has accupied a central place in our global public space, and created many emotions, opinions and beliefs.

The exhibition "The Naked Human" presents artworks by 7 artists in video, paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs, and shows the diversity of each artist's unique imagery, expression and perspective.

The artists are: Line Taarnberg with paintings, photos and video. Lotte Kjøller, Grethe Tranberg, Jeff Ibbo, Olav Johannisson with paintings and sculptures, and Esben Fog and Barry Pringle with Photography.

 During the exhibition, besides viewing our artwork, you can attend a workshop in figure drawing and we present the public with our interpretation of the nude human in happenings and in workshops and you can attend an art lecture "The nude human in social and private life".. by Kim Bindesboel, past chairman of the Danish Naturalists. We also have music performance during the opening by Lars. You can read more about all of the artists on their website.