Exhibit in vARTe


Are you an artist and interested in a recidency with an exhibition in the Kunsthal vARTe, then you can read our guidelines here:

Kunsthal vARTe is a residency for artists who want to immerse themselves and focus on their art for a month. At the same time we give the artist the opportunity to show and sell their artworks.
Therefore, the artist is required to work with their art in the studio, and keep open for visitors in the opening hours.


We invite all interested artists to apply and then we make a decision from each individual  artworks and resume.

Artists who are members of a union or federation and / or have one or several censored exhibitions on their resume, or otherwise has documented artistic qualities, will be preferred.


· A large studio of 101 m2.

· Two exhibitions halls.

· An artist apartment with a sitting area, two beds and an office.

· A kitchen with two hotplates, dishwasher, microwave, mini-oven, refrigerator and freezer.

· A storage with a sink and a toilet.

· A bathroom with shower and toilet.

· Free internet in the gallery.

· Hanging wire along the walls of the exhibitions room, make it quick and easy to hang up artworks.

· Kunsthal vARTe offers showcases, plinths in various sizes, two A-billboards for posters, 9 tables and 37 chairs, red carpets, oil lamps, services etc. during the exhibition / residency period.



The artist has in generally the premises from the first to the last day of the month. The artist can use the first couple of days until the opening, to hang up artworks and be ready for the opening.

In the exhibitionperiod, the artist has the opportunity to stay, live and work in the premises as much as they want.



The opening is in generally the first Saturday or Sonday of the month at 3-5 pm.



We have tried to adapt the opening hours, so there is both opportunity for visitors to come and see the exhibition, but also time for peace and quiet at other times.

Opening hours are Wednesday to Friday 1-5 pm, Saturday and Sunday 10-3 am.
The artist is of course welcome to stay open beyond the scheduled hours. But it is expected that the artist will open on the regular opening times. If there are two or more artists, they can share the opening hours.



Kunsthal vARTe pays for all operating costs and PR. This will include posters, press releases, social media, newsletters and mail invitations to each exhibition. If the artist wish to arrange an event, a workshop, an artist talk e.a. during their stay, we can also help with the PR for this.
The artist is of course very welcome to spread the message in their own network.

Kunsthal vARTe is a non-profit initiative where the premises is created. The artists contribute to the operating costs in the form of an artwork from the exhibition. The payment artwork will be selected by the art manager with approval from the artist.

The artist pays for shipping and transportation back and forth. They buy snacks and drinks to the opening - and to other potential events during their stay (this may be sponsored). The artist also have to pays for their own meals.


If you have any questions or if you could be interested in a residency with an exhibition in the Kunsthal vARTe, please contact Mette Kristensen at:
E-mail: mk@varte.dk
Tel .: +45 2159 2708

We are looking forward to hear from you.