Datum - 10. November bis 16. November

I’m mainly working with object, installation and environmental art - also holding workshops for environmental and textile art

Originally I’ve got a design background - fashion and textile - .but after a while, a slow transition process started to develop and change my work. During my jobs in exhibition organisation became more and more art, wearable art or freestyle design. A couple of years later I studied a master course at the University of the Arts (UdK) in Berlin with a specialization in art in public spaces – community art and exhibition organization.

Art in public spaces is especially interesting because it’s no elitist white cube art and everybody can access it without having to conquer a ‘white cube fear’. I’m also fascinated in installing in former industrial buildings and in nature because every surrounding creates another context with the work.

Working a lot with textiles is a kind of heritage of my first design studies, and I love textile as a material because it’s very flexible and changeable.

Apart from the installation work I’m working on several series of textile relief works with structures and a graphical touch. I use to call them ‘textile topographics’ because they also have a topographic character.

My work titles are often word plays with an ironical level which sometimes you cannot discover until the second or third glance and which is coming from my passion for language and dialects - I’m also working as a translator and transcreator.

My sources of inspiration are various like architecture, land- and city scapes, maps of public transports, city and landscape maps, aerial views, (infra)structures, topographies, the canon of natural shapes and physical phenomenons, the contradiction in the beauty of destruction, traps of cognition, etc. I love interdisciplinary work, crossing borders, exploring…